Bored Now - LoM

I suppose my luck with electricals had to run out some time

So. My computer is dead. And in fact it is not merely dead, it's really most sincerely dead.

Fortunately, I have the money to replace the dead components.

Unfortunately, it'll take a week for them to get here.

Fortunately, they're all much faster than what I had previously.

Unfortunately, I'll also have a helluva time getting my system adapted to the new hardware without a reinstall, which would lose my data.

Fortunately, I have the skill to do this.

Unfortunately, the frogurt is also cursed.

I think I need a holiday.
Oh No Sans Plasticine - LoM

Round and Round the Blame Wheel Goes. Where it Stops the Lemming Knows.

So. I've spent the past three days doing practically nothing but constantly playing Puzzle Pirates.

tarlia, you will pay for this. Oh, yes. You will pay.


And now, to make this resemble something approaching a real LJ post, a meme.

Letter meme, tagged by tabbyclaw. To play, comment and ask for a letter, then list ten things you like that start with that letter.

My letter? G.

1. Anyone who didn't guess Greg Grunberg as the top of this list obviously hasn't had me babbling at them enough.
2. Green. Green green green. I love green. As evidenced ... practically everywhere.
3. Games. I like playing them, I like the idea of making them. I just need to start liking work, and I've got it made.
4. Ghosts. By which I mean the interesting, character-type ghosts, rather than the, "Ooh, spooky!" type of ghost. Ask me about my ghost detective some time.
5. Geekery, in all its forms. Science geekery, politics geekery, computer geekery, it's all fascinating and wonderful in so many ways.
6. Germans. I'm not sure what it is -- the accent, the language, the genetics, the cultural personality, or some combination -- but there's something incredibly fascinating and attractive about the German people.
7. Glass. Again, not sure what it is -- something about the texture, I think -- but glass is just an incredibly soothing substance. Water without the wet. I can't help but feel that a bath of glass pebbles would be oddly relaxing.
8. Guns. I don't own any myself, and probably won't for the foreseeable future, but I highly approve of them. Especially when in the possession of #1 on this list.
9. Gizmos and Gadgets. Who doesn't like a Rube Goldberg machine, or a silly but fun little puzzle, or a neat way of sharpening your pencil using tree roots?
10. And finally, last, and least, my lighting designer Shirley Mockowitz. ... er, wait. Sorry. Wrong script. Finally, gastropods. Especially of the oracular type.
I Am Entrapped In Moral Dilemma - Mac/PC

He cleans, he cooks, he helps you hide the bodies. Every home should have one.

Due to certain Circumstances, which as I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the government I am not at liberty to discuss, for the foreseeable future I will be doing most of the cooking in this house. Fun fun fun. I hope I can at least clean the kitchen first.

The only real problem with this is, however, that I have very few recipes on hand, and even less practical experience with improvising. So, as is my wont, I'm getting other people to do the hard work for me. Anyone have any recipes on hand that they feel like tossing my way? I'm open to just about any kind of recipe at this point, and all proceeds go to a special fund for survivors of the Great Lemming Massacre of 19Disney.

So go on... food me.
I Don't Get People - Dexter

The stupid, it burns

Posted at 6 PM: Uranium industry will flourish if Labor lets it: analyst

Posted one hour later: Govt reverses uranium deal with India

For those of you playing along at home, this uranium deal was an agreement by the previous government to sell some of our vast stores of uranium to India, under certain regulatory guidelines agreed to by the contract. It was slated to be a well-welcomed injection of a large amount of money into our economy.

Now, when the government switched to Labor, I knew this was coming. With Environment Minister Peter "Let Us Ban Plastic Bags Altogether" Garrett on one side, and a heavily left-wing, youthful base on the other, it was inevitable that the issue of uranium mining and exports would come up again. But I still think it's a stupid decision. India, if they want uranium, will get it from somewhere whether we agree to it or not. And under the contract, India was under some pretty heavy regulations on the use of any uranium we provided. In a lot of ways it was a win-win situation.

Unfortunately, the radiatimums have scared a lot of Australians into thinking that even looking at fissile material will irradiate you, your family, your pet cat, and anyone you happen to come into. Or at least, that's the impression you get from the way they complain about anything that even remotely concerns atomic physics.

I wonder if any of them realise that this means that the evil, nasty uranium will stay in our ground now, where it can use its insidious powers to destroy the Australian way of life.